The Candor Home




i am a Hawaii based visual designer With 5 years of experience in the wedding industry, over 60 staged homes & 3 years of photography experience. From business to pleasure, milestones are worth a little extra work and with my help it will be a sinch. 



Hey guys! Janna Tenney here. I'm a Business|brand and lifestyle photographer as well as a designer|stager living in beautiful Honolulu Hawaii. I believe in helping you realize potential every day through beautiful design and photography.

| Photography | Capturing your essence is Yes I know, everyone and their mother is a photographer now adays. So whats the difference? Well. There is a way you'd like to be seen by the world.  With my help you will be able to capture that while  putting your best foot forward

| Design & Staging | Changing the atmosphere of a space is one of my favorite things in the world. With over 150 spaces redesigned, you can say Iv got tricks to making your space everything it can be. A new bakery, air b&b or family home, I can help. 



Personal Pleasure