Konny Baby Carrier


Why this carrier?

Here was my list of problems I came across when looking for a baby carrier:

  • Too much fabric

  • Takes forever to put on

  • Hurts your back

  • Obnoxious sized & colored branding

  • Prints or no neutrals

  • Everything is too hot

This carrier ticks all the boxes I needed!

I couldn’t believe it! So, I bit the bullet and ordered TWO! Why? Because when I find something special; shoes, bags, shirts, shorts etc. I usually end up buying multiples in all the neutral colors I can find. lol This time was no different.

  1. There is NO EXTRA FABRIC!!! As someone who lives in humid Hawaii summers I needed something that would let me BREATH. Most carriers have WAYY too much fabric just hanging off the side or wrap around you as if you are a mummy, you know the brands I’m talking about ladies!

  2. ITS EASY/FAST TO PUT ON. - Wrapping myself a million times or clipping myself in when I have a screaming baby in my arms is so freaking difficult. This one you just put on like a t-shirt over whatever it is you are wearing and wam bam thank you ma’am, your done. Baby is in and feels like he/she is in a cocoon and you can get on with your day.

  3. CAN I SAY BACK SUPPORT! My gosh this is a huge one. I didn’t think about it too much at first and then really started to realize how important this was. Most fabric carriers have no back support what so ever. To be honest this was the first one I saw with it and that was my biggest draw. I gotta say, as soon as I put baby Mila in it I felt the control I had and was floored. It is SOO COMFORTABLE!

  4. SIMPLE BRANDING - Anyone else hate feeling like an obnoxious billboard for a company because of the tag size. The simple branding of the Konny makes me feel like its an article of clothing I layer on instead of a clingy thing I lug my baby around in that screams “ I HAVE A BABY!” The fact that the label is about 2 inches and in the back, where I can’t see it, is the cherry on top of everything else its got going for it.

  5. SIMPLE, SMART, STYLISH - I do not wear anything with graphics when it comes to my wardrobe. This carrier really is “simple, smart and stylish” - all things Konny baby stands for. I know that I want my carrier to match what I am wearing and I couldn’t get away from prints, prints, prints! Don’t get me wrong, the company doesn’t only cary neutral colors. However, the designs they do have are simple and timeless unlike so many other brands. I know for a fact that I will be able to dress how I want and know that the carrier will blend in seamlessly with my outfits.

  6. ITS GOT A SUMMER VERSION! - Say no more! I WAS SOLD! It’s hot enough as it is in the humid summers of Hawaii without adding a little human onto you chest wrapped with layers of hot fabric to make you feel like a melting popsicle. They have a mesh version that is breathable and light. I reach for this carrier every day because I know that if she falls asleep in it she won’t be suffocating. The mesh fabric allows for your baby to breath even if the face is nuzzled into the fabric. Its FABULOUS!

As you can see the Konny carrier ticked all of my boxes and then one I didn’t even think about (backs support) normally when it comes to fabric carriers that goes out the window. But with this carrier, the back support is its main feature. Needless to say Im super happy with this purchase and so glad I purchase two!

A Few weeks later I was chosen in a giveaway! They sent both Ryan and myself a carrier. YES!! THEY HAVE SIZES THAT GO UP TO 3XL for men! Ryan is going to try his out and I will get back to you on his verdict. I chose the black mesh for him.

Note: This content is not paid/sponcered. I am working on creating more helpful content for you guys and Im hoping this will be the first of many reviews that will be showcased on my blog. Until next time! Much love!