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Brand Photography & Styling |  design & Staging 


Photography | Head Shots  

investment 600+

Amazing head shots are something every business professional needs to have. Whether for your website, social media, linkedin or business cards, the right head shots will help you make that amazing first impression.   

  • 1 location
  • 1 hour 
  • 1 look  
  • 15 edited photos 
  • 2 retouched photos 

Photography | Stock Photos 

investment 450+

Level up your media with personalized stock photos that work seamlessly with your brand   as fillers or help you out when you don't know what to post. 

  • 1 location | 1 hour | 25 edits
  • flay lays 
  • landscape 
  • details 

Photography | Lifestyle   

investment 600+

Putting  a bit of personality into your website and media photos is the best way to attract your preferred clients and show them who you are. These shots will help you gain a trust with your clients even before you meet them, making it that much easier to book! 

  • 1 location | 1 hour | 35 edits 
  • 1 location | 2 hours | 50 edits
  • 2 locations | 3 hours | 65 edits  

Photography  | Product  

investment 550+ 

Having the right product photos can make or break your business. These photos will show up on your website, business cards, campaigns and social media. Lets make them something fantastic. 

  • 25 edits 

Styling | Fashion           

investment 200+

Personalize your business attire to make sure your clients get to see the real you. Putting  a bit of personality into your wardrobe is the best way to attract specific clients. Whether corky, chic, or simple we can create a sophisticated version of your current style to elevate your professional portrait shots. 

  • Style assessment 
  • color palets 
  • accents 
  • shoes 
  • accessories  

Styling  | Visual Media  

investment 2400+ 

The right graphics on your website, social media platforms  will make sure you have the visuals to pull of your marketing strategies.  This service is only available with our "Business Starter Package" 


  • Color theme
  • fonts
  • graphics
  • restyle 
  • brand Assessment 


Design | Office & Storefront 

investment 800+

Feeling stuck? Lets get you past this creative block by changing the atmosphere around you, starting with your office or storefront. A Fresh look will get you and your team excited and will jump start you every time you step into your beautiful designed space. 

  • vision board
  • color palets 
  • furniture selection 
  • accents 
  • art 
  • details 

Design | Airb&b


investment 1800+

Turn a draby apartment into a fabulous Airb&b thats booked out a year in advance! A beautiful space creates raving fans and getting your space to have the upscale look of a hotel yet the comfortably and privacy of a home is what we aim for.  

  • phone consultation
  • walk through 
  • budgeting
  • secret shopping 
  • Staging/styling  

Design| Stage & Set


investment 1200+ 

You need creative direction for a custom stage or set design for a music video or movie. We got you covered. Our team is able to build custom set designs as well as provide furniture rentals to accommodate your needs. If we don't have the right furniture, we are sure to know someone who does. 

  • consultation
  • designing
  • building 
  • styling