Hiding brilliant


Ive been in therapy for the last 8 years.

I have had dialogs with countless professionals and mentors. I have cried, I have felt helpless, pissed off, excited and joyful.

“Man, I had no idea you had so many issues.”

Welp I do.

However, I have also never stepped foot in an actual phycologist office. Dun dun dun…. Lol

Ok, So let me clarity. These people have been pastors, teachers, fortune 500 company owners, self made millionaires, authors, people who left every, lost everything, gained it back and lived to tell the tail.

Yes i’m a sucker for self help books, inspirational quotes, & listening to all kinds of podcasts about business & self improvement.

I have had all of this information cooking in me for a while. There are a few dishes in my life that are ready for service and others are still just ingredients on the shelf waiting to be discovered, lessons yet to be learned and experiences to be tasted.

The things I have learned I feel compelled to share with you because of a conversation I had with my sister not long ago. After which I came up wth this quote.

“ Iv you are hiding parts of yourself from ppl you are denying them of your BRILLIANCE as well as disabling true reactions in relation to who you are.”

It made me realize that I am not living a fully authentic life if I am letting fear stop me from moving forward.

And with that confession and realization I’d like to invite you on a bit of a journey… Its going to be a bit bumpy, exhilarating, sad, wonderful and everything in between. Why? Because its the journey of self discovery. Self-awareness isn’t for the faint of heart, let me tell you. A lot of things that are part of our past have created thinking patterns that drive us forward or backward. Whether its through function or disfunction, self awareness is a tool that moves us forward in understanding ourselves and why we react or are the way we are.

Self awareness


Conscious knowledge of ones own character, feelings, motives and desires.

I have done quite a bit of studying about each on self awareness over years to better understand myself and here is what I have come up with.

Your Voice =

  • Identity

  • Gifts

  • Purpose

Get to know Janna time:

IDENTITY : My value/Identity is attached to nothing of my own doing but what I know God thinks of me as his child. (called by name, chosen, beloved,cared for, provided for)

GIFTS : My gifts include teaching, connecting, being positive and having faith when things don’t make sense or look and feel hopeless as well as bringing things from thought into tangible realities creatively.

Purpose: Where my heart breaks for the word is seeing others not living up to their potential because of fear or lack of knowledge regarding self or the task at hand.

You may be wondering how is it I have narrowed things things down into 3 concise sentences. That my girl is for another time but for now Ill leave you with some thoughtful questions.


What BRILLIANCE are you hiding from the world because of fear


What parts of myself have you yet to discover?


Take some time to seriously ponder that. And if it causes you to move, do it.

To the many more conversations, becoming self aware, growing in confidence & betting on yourself. #havevisions


Janna Tenney

identity, gifts, purposeJanna Tenney