The anchor for everything


Most of you know, I have started on this journey of having my own business full time. 

A little personal update: As much as It is full time, Let me be honest. The income is only a fraction of what I used to make and although Id love to say that I have a gazillion clients I'm going to be transparent and say that we're getting by. With making large investments into the gear we needed to make the leap into entrepreneurship lets just say we have decided to take the faith route.

God hasn’t failed us yet and this is just the beginning of our story.

So, purposeful living.. What does that mean to you?

Does that mean being a provider? Serving homeless or orphans? Maybe loving on your family?

Purposeful living to me means waking up with a goal in mind - A VISION - the anchor for everything you do. This vision helps you make all sorts of decisions, big and small because it clearly highlights what is important.

The easiest way to determine what that is is to ask two questions.

  1. At your funeral, what would you like others to say about you? - Character

  2. After you pass, what would you like to leave behind? - Physical

Those two questions I feel like really make for a great start to a vision board If you haven’t made one.

Here are my answers:

  1. Character - Id like for people to know me as the woman who loved, was everyones biggest cheerleader, generous & was full of stories about how God was faithful regardless of


  2. Physical - What Id like to leave behind are videos and maybe print outs of blogs like this that I have written over the years for my children and grandchildren to be able to read. That, and a house/property big enough to have everyone I hold dearest in one place for celebrations. Probably has to be a pretty big house. haha.

Now that you have my answers, Id love for you to comment bellow and let me know what you think about this topic & give me your answers Im very curious.

I hope this got you thinking a bit!


Janna Tenney

purposeJanna Tenney