Unexpected solace


Table conversations with Sarah and God.

Curiosity killed that cat right?

Nope. Not it my case. I’d say curiosity gave that cat a friend who feeds her when she’s hungry.

me = cat

friend = sewing machine ( lets call her Sarah)

Food = solace

A lot of people are surprised when they find out I can sew. Truth be told I learned a bit from my mom when I was a kid and lost all that knowledge, then, taught myself 15 years later through nothing other than.. you guessed it. Youtube. (I can’t say much about subjects I don’t know but when it comes to all things music, film and creative media, I would say that you could give yourself a college education, possibly even higher with the help of the internet and amazing people who put the time and effort into creating educational content.)

Continuing on with the story.. One day I got curious. I wanted to make something with my hands. Some Bedding. Some pillow cases. Welp, that turned into me learning the basics all over again after 3 hours of videos and there I was… sewing. All of a sudden I was about to create something with my hands all while consoling with my friend Sarah (my sewing machine) and God. Our table converstations would last hours. You see, having Sarah around gave my busy body self something to do while my behind was actually in one place for once. After a while I would step away from that table refreshed. I didn’t realize it at first but soon enough, instead of sitting down and writing in my prayer journal I would sit down at the sewing machine and create something while having in-depth conversations with God and even deeper ones with myself.

You see I was just trying to find a way to get to know myself a bit better.

With my unevenly cut fabric and even more uneven stitching, I found my way into solace - a place where I was free to discover my likes and dislikes. A place where my mistakes weren’t high cost. I could scrap the whole thing if I wanted to. I loved it. By the time I was done with a project my eyes would hurt, my back would be throbbing, but my heart would be full.

I hadn’t taken Sarah out for a good year until this weekend. I needed to shorten my bedskirts and while I was sewing I was reminded that there are always creative ways God is trying to have a conversation with you. A place to learn more about yourself and how you see the world. I wouldn’t have discovered this place of solace for myself if I hadn’t been curious.

Curiosity gave the cat a friend who feeds her when she’s hungry.

Its ok to be curious. Its ok to try new things when you have no idea what you're doing. the point is to try. and in that space of creativity and humility you will find that God

So Here we go as usual my Questions to you:

What are you curious about?

Why haven’t you pursued it?

What is stopping you?

Ok, now how can you work around that?

A little food for thought.

Signing off,


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