My Friend Indie


Recently I realized every one of us knows 3 of the same people.

Nessa, Dez and Indie.

“Haha. Wrong sister, I don’t have any friends by those names.”

Im sorry to say but you’re gonna have to swallow your pride a little right now because you are about to realize you do know these ladies. And you actually know them very well.

  • Ness -She is who you would call a rule lover. She is logical, loves boundaries and comfort, never stepping outside into the unknown. “Thats a place I don’t need to know about, why would I? Im good here, I know exactly what to do, how to do it and why it needs to be done.”

  • Dez - She is the dreamer. Also a rule follower but knows there is more to life than where she is. But, she doesn’t ever really take action on the things she wants. “I mean, I see people doing stuff that looks amazing. I’d love to be able to do that too but I just can’t, theres too much here and … I can’t. But I totally wish I could.”

And then there is Indie

  • Indie is that free-bird of a woman who takes anything life throws at her and doesn’t let people dictate who she is or what she does. She drinks the “life is meant to be lived” Kool -Aid and enjoys every drop.


Which one of these ladies do you relate to the most?

Now, I’d like to introduce you to their real names.

Necessity [Ness]


The fact of being required or indispensable

Desire [Dez]


A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen

Indulge [Indie]

Verb. [no object] (indulge in)

Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of.

[with object] satisfy or yield freely to (a desire or interest)

Are you starting to put the pieces together now?

Do you allow yourself to say yes and actually do what you desire? Indulgence is your friend, she is freedom. To be you. To take action. To go shopping and buy those shoes you’ve been wanting or to go get a facial. She lets you decide not to buy that expensive toy for your child and go get that pedicure and 45 minutes of sanity and not feel bad about it because in reality it is actually necessary.

Indulgence is not a bad word.

It’s a good one. It’s that first slice of pizza, that pint of Tillamook ice cream or that candy bar you’ve been stashing away from your childrens eyes so you can eat it while you’re in the closet pretending to do something productive GOOD.

So, if you have been waiting for permission to INDULGE. I’m giving it to you now. Take a chance on something you’ve been holding back on. Or make that investment. Take the night off. What ever this word means to you, Id like you to take action. and ALLOW yourself.


I hope this post has given you as much breathing room as it did me.

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Until next time,


Janna Tenney

Janna Tenney